AI, DePIN & Onchain Gaming Conference Serverless BXL Confirmed for Brussels July 7 During EthCC

AI, DePIN & Onchain Gaming Conference Serverless BXL Confirmed for Brussels July 7 During EthCC
AI, DePIN & Onchain Gaming Conference Serverless BXL Confirmed for Brussels July 7 During EthCC

A one-day conference dedicated to AI, DePIN, decentralized cloud computing, and web3 gaming has been confirmed for July 7 in Brussels. The Serverless BXL event will complement the EthCC conference taking place in the Belgian capital at the same time.

Serverless BXL will be hosted at Maison de la poste in the center of Brussels and will feature over 300 participants and 30 speakers. The first half of the day-long event is dedicated to web3 gaming and will feature keynotes from Ubisoft, panels, and a startup gaming pitch contest.

The gaming pitch contest is open to all game developers, indie studios, and gaming companies. An expert jury will reward the three best games with grants in ALEPH tokens to deploy their games onchain on with a fully decentralized cloud. At Serverless, Ubisoft will also deliver a talk on developing web3 games accompanied by a gaming area to showcase their latest releases alongside Aavegotchi and IconX.

The second half of Serverless is dedicated to AI and decentralized cloud computing and will feature keynotes and panels from a wide range of speakers. These will include Nicolas Bacca, former co-founder of Ledger, Aave service providers, researchers from Messari, and representatives of decentralized AGI protocols.

Breakfast and lunch will be served at the Serverless event, providing an opportunity for delegates to network and meet key industry figures. Afterward, a party capturing the Future of BXL with an open bar will close out the conference and provide further opportunities for attendees to mingle.

Tickets for Serverless are on sale now, enabling visitors who are in Brussels for EthCC to catch the preeminent conference for web3 gaming, AI, and DePIN. With a focus on community-driven initiatives and decentralized gaming, Serverless captures the spirit of EthCC while showcasing the latest advances in AI and the novel ways in which they’re being leveraged to power web3 innovation.

About Serverless

Serverless BXL, supported by and, is a one-day event delivered with the support of twentysix. Set to take place during EthCC week in Brussels 2024, Serverless will feature panels, keynotes, and a gaming pitch contest, focusing on the convergence of AI, blockchain, and gaming.

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