APhone and Aethir Partner to Accelerate Mobile DePIN Node Deployment

APhone's technology coupled with Aethir's decentralized cloud computing infrastructure is set to transform the accessibility and decentralization of full node deployment

APhone and Aethir Partner to Accelerate Mobile DePIN Node Deployment
APhone and Aethir Partner to Accelerate Mobile DePIN Node Deployment

APhone, the world's first decentralized cloud smartphone, today announces a collaboration with Aethir, a distributed GPU cloud computing network to strengthen the decentralization and security of Aethir's infrastructure. In the future, APhone mobile devices are expected to greatly expand the network's reach and empower more users to participate in Aethir's distributed cloud infrastructure.

As a result of this collaborative effort, APhone users are set to benefit from the upcoming Aethir cloud drop, receiving a portion of Aethir's native token $ATH, whilst in return APhone will airdrop 20,000 Access Passes to all existing Aethir node operators, enabling them to access a DePin-enabled smartphone. By harnessing APhone's network of users, Aethir further strengthens and scales its decentralized network infrastructure while broadening accessibility and driving down the costs of next-generation mobile internet services.

APhone is a next-generation cloud phone that empowers users to run the most sophisticated Web3 applications and traditional apps on any web browser-compatible device.

"Decentralization is the future of mobile infrastructure, and Aethir perfectly complements our mission of bringing Web3 to the world," said William Paul Peckham, ​​Chief Business Officer at APhone. "The key tenet of decentralization is that the more nodes there are, the more participants, the stronger the network. By giving the Aethir community access to APhone, we strengthen both ecosystems, helping to onboard new users to Web3 and making decentralized cloud infrastructure more powerful, secure, and robust than ever."

Aethir solves the problems of traditional cloud services, which have often been plagued by challenges such as high costs and limited scalability. By creating a global, decentralized network of nodes, Aethir's decentralized cloud network empowers businesses that demand infinitely scalable, high-performance cloud infrastructure for intensive applications such as gaming and AI. Among the advantages of decentralization cloud infrastructure are enhanced standardization and security, censorship resistance, and support for native payments.

"APhone is revolutionary because it demonstrates that your device is no obstacle to accessing decentralized services and that any smartphone can actively contribute to strengthening the ecosystem," said Daniel Wang, CEO, at Aethir. "In the long term, there is a vision that APhone users will spearhead the roll out of a mobile DePIN node ecosystem."

Earlier this year, Aethir launched its highly anticipated Node Sale, which raised $60M in just 30 minutes. The $120M sale was all the more astonishing because it avoided the need to rely on institutional capital, further reinforcing Aethir's independence and commitment to the principles of decentralization.

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About APhone
The APhone is the first decentralized cloud-based smartphone, crafted to redefine your mobile experience. With superior processing power, unparalleled storage capabilities, and a high-quality GPU, it seamlessly integrates to offer continuous, high-performance access to your digital world. Powered by Aethir's cutting-edge decentralized cloud technology, APhone ensures heightened security, privacy, and user protection. APhone provides a myriad of smartphone functionalities within a single device, delivering a comprehensive and advanced mobile experience.

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About Aethir
Aethir is the only Enterprise-grade AI-focused GPU-as-a-service provider in the market. Its decentralized cloud computing infrastructure allows GPU providers to meet Enterprise clients who need powerful GPU chips for professional AI/ML tasks.

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