Entangle Launches Mainnet Leveraging Omnichain Interoperability

Entangle Launches Mainnet Leveraging Omnichain Interoperability
Entangle Launches Mainnet Leveraging Omnichain Interoperability

Entangle, an interoperable data infrastructure layer, announces the successful launch of its Mainnet after two years of development and a robust testnet phase. This milestone positions Entangle as a key player in the omnichain space, delivering innovative solutions for seamless interoperability.

The Mainnet launch includes several key components: the Entangle Blockchain, Entangle Explorer, Photon Messaging, Validators, Delegation, and e-Bridge. The architecture of the Entangle Blockchain is built on a layered structure, consisting of the Application Layer, Modules Layer, and the Tendermint Consensus Layer.

The Entangle Blockchain has an average block time of less than 2.8 seconds, showcasing its efficiency. The Photon Messaging feature further enhances the platform, enabling omnichain development across 16 EVM and non-EVM blockchains, including Solana.

With the Mainnet launch, NGL holders now have the opportunity to stake their tokens to secure the blockchain, earn rewards, and benefit from more promotions coming up within the Entangle Ecosystem. The staking process includes delegating tokens to the Entangle validators and agent network, which plays a vital role in securing the Photon Messaging system.

Currently, there are 71 validators, including prominent market leaders such as Hashkey Cloud, Rhino, Nodefi, and DaiC, with more validators expected to join. Notably, approximately 25 million NGL tokens have already been staked or delegated to validators, underscoring the enthusiasm and confidence in Entangle’s potential. Users can visit the Entangle Explorer and select a validator or transmitter agent to delegate their tokens.

Entangle’s upcoming initiatives include onboarding agents who will also accept delegations and stakes from users.

About Entangle  

Entangle is a leading blockchain platform for connecting networks, protocols, and assets across the web3 ecosystem. By creating a unified ecosystem, Entangle empowers developers and users to interact seamlessly across multiple blockchains, enhancing connectivity and fostering innovation.

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