Expert Technologist Andrew Hughes Joins FaceTec as VP of Global Standards

Industry veteran brings deep experience that will shape the future of biometric AI

Expert Technologist Andrew Hughes Joins FaceTec as VP of Global Standards
Expert Technologist Andrew Hughes Joins FaceTec as VP of Global Standards

FaceTec Inc., the global leader in 3D face verification software, announces the hiring of Andrew Hughes as VP of Global Standards. The international standards and compliance expert has more than 25 years of experience in digital identity, mobile driver licenses, information security, program management, and IT standards development.

We are very fortunate to have Andrew joining the FaceTec team. As biometric security becomes a critical part of our daily lives, his well-earned industry experience and deep understanding of standards and credentialing will be crucial to FaceTec's continued success," said Kevin Alan Tussy, CEO of FaceTec.

Hughes's expertise in international standards, and assessment frameworks for digital identity and authentication will be instrumental in extending FaceTec's roadmap to meet ever-changing objectives and to ensure regulatory compliance. He brings a wealth of experience from over two decades in organizations like IDEMIA, Ping Identity, the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), Mastercard, IEEE, Kantara Initiative, ISO, W3C, OpenID Foundation, Decentralized Identity Foundation, and the FIDO Alliance. Andrew is the current chair of the Kantara Initiative board of directors, Identity Assurance Work Group, and Deepfakes/AI Impact on ID Verification Systems group.

Biometric verification is the next big leap in securing digital IDs by creating strong links to their real, authorized, physical humans, and FaceTec has quickly become the global leader in 3D Liveness and face verification software," Andrew Hughes said. "I am pleased to join such a forward-thinking team that I believe will continue to revolutionize how the world protects digital accounts. FaceTec's rapid growth is a testament to the effectiveness of its approach and how much the world needs trustworthy remote identity verification at this moment. I look forward to contributing to this important technology's global expansion, standardization, and adoption."

About FaceTec 3D Face Verification

FaceTec's pioneering 3D Face Biometrics are fast becoming the global standard in secure onboarding, KYC, and reverification, stopping ID fraud and unauthorized access for millions of users on six continents. FaceTec is relied upon by many of the world's leading organizations in high-risk/high-value environments, including IAM-IDV, financial services, mobile payments, border security, connected transportation, blockchain/cryptocurrency, online dating, and much more.

FaceTec's 3D Face Verification Platform features:

  • 100% data-sovereign, customer-run software: no user data is sent to FaceTec
  • World-leading 3D Face Matching rate at 1-in-125 million FAR at less-than-1% FRR
  • Patented UI generates data-rich 3D FaceMaps® from standard 2D cameras
  • $600,000 Spoof Bounty Program and Level 1&2 Certified 3D Liveness Detection
  • Unphishable 3D FaceMaps ensure trust without creating honeypots
  • Support for all modern smartphones, tablets, and PCs with webcams
  • KYC/IDV Dashboard with integrated 1-to-N de-duplication to catch fraudsters
  • World-leading 1-in-2 million FAR 3D FaceMap-to-2D-photo-ID matching
  • Anonymous, better-than-human 3D age estimation and 3D age checks
  • Fast, intuitive interface with 98-99% first-time-user success rates
  • Easy to integrate, customize, deploy, and manage

Developers can download FaceTec's demo apps directly from for iOS, Android, and any modern browser, and the developer SDKs are available free at

About FaceTec

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in the United States with staff in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, and Singapore, FaceTec is the world's leading provider of 3D Liveness and Face Verification software, providing well over 2 billion 3D Liveness Checks annually, bringing remote identity proofing to a much higher level of security. FaceTec's patented, industry-leading Certified 3D Liveness Detection, face matching, optical character recognition, know-your-customer, and age estimation technology biometrically bind the unique, live, 3D user to their account, anchoring a secure chain of trust for access to mobile and web applications.

For more information and business inquiries, please visit For media inquiries, please contact John Wojewidka at

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