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Global Digital Finance, Archax, and Ownera announce the launch of the new GDF Tokenization Forum open to global digital asset innovators

Global Digital Finance, Archax, and Ownera announce the launch of the new GDF Tokenization Forum open to global digital asset innovators
Global Digital Finance, Archax, and Ownera announce the launch of the new GDF Tokenization Forum open to global digital asset innovators

Global Digital Finance (GDF), the global members association and platform for open innovation in digital assets in financial services, in partnership with members Archax and Ownera, announce the launch of the new GDF Tokenization Forum.

The Tokenization Forum is a forum open to global digital asset innovators and will convene industry experts from leading FinTechs and financial institutions to discuss the emerging trends and insights in the tokenization of real-world assets (RWA) and the evolving tokenization strategies across different asset classes and markets in financial services.

The first Tokenization Forum will kick-off on 22nd February at 16.00 GMT | 11.00 EST | 08.00 PST and run bi-monthly (every two months) until the end of the year, with an APAC session taking place every 3rd forum.

Larry Fink, the CEO of Blackrock recently said that tokens are the “next generation for markets,” and estimates the tokenization of the RWA market will unlock $16 trillion of assets for greater access to investment and trading.

The Forum, co-chaired by Archax’s Head of Market Development, Breige Tinnelly, and Ownera’s Head of Business Development, Anthony Woolley, will deliver sessions purposefully curated to drive thought leadership and development of tokenization across asset classes and markets, and serve as a catalyst to mobilize participants to form working groups to drive actionable outcomes such as whitepapers, reports, and standards to help accelerate the global adoption of digital assets.

Under the governance of GDF, Ownera led the development of the open interoperability protocol called FinP2P to solve the problem of tokenization interoperability and distribution.

By deploying FinP2P routers, institutions can enable instant trading and settlement across any asset class ledger and digital payment rail. For example, J.P. Morgan, HQLAx, Ownera and Wematch.live are in the process of launching an intra-day Repo platform that executes delivery-versus-payment (DvP) repo transactions across two different distributed ledger technology (DLT) platforms at HQLAX and J.P. Morgan using FinP2P routers.

Archax, the FCA regulated digital asset exchange, broker and custodian, is focused on providing the products and services needed to bring the benefits of the crypto and digital asset space to traditional professionals and institutions. It is currently working with 10 leading asset managers and 7 blue-chip banks on tokenized collateral transfer and fund tokenization projects which emphasize the industry move to using blockchain technology for handling RWAs in a streamlined and more efficient manner. An example of this is the tokenized money market fund (MMF) that it launched with partner and strategic investor abrdn last year – allowing people to hold assets in a yield generating instrument in digital form, as an alternative to cash or stablecoins. Furthermore, Archax has announced plans to launch crypto trading pairs against tokenized MMFs. This means that professional clients will be able to hold assets in regulated MMFs earning a yield, and then trade directly against leading unregulated cryptocurrencies, without the need to convert into another asset, like fiat, first.

Commenting on the new GDF Tokenization Forum, Anthony Woolley says, “We see many institutional tokenization projects now coming to production but unless the industry works together to make them interoperate, they risk standing as islands with limited scale and liquidity. The Tokenization Forum will be a powerful way for the industry to convene to tackle problems such as this and deliver the benefits of tokenization to investors around the world.”

Commenting on the new GDF Tokenization Forum, Breige Tinnelly says, “The establishment of the GDF Tokenization Forum marks a significant step forward in bringing together the brightest minds and leading innovators in the digital asset space. By fostering collaboration and dialogue among key players across the industry, we aim to address the challenges of scaling and adopting tokenization, drive interoperability, and harness the potential of digital assets.

Our goal is to create a unified approach that accelerates the adoption and integration of tokenized assets into the global financial ecosystem, ensuring they are accessible, efficient, and secure for all participants.

Lawrence Wintermeyer, Executive Co-Chair of GDF says, “The new Tokenization Forum is the next evolution of the GDF member-led community and is open to all global innovators in the digital assets space. We are grateful for the leadership of our members Archax and Ownera, two firms that have moved digital assets from “POC to Production” and have track records in delivering to financial partners and markets. We look forward to welcoming the world’s leading digital assets innovators to this new and timely Forum.”

For further information about the Forum, or to register to attend the first session on on 22nd February at 16.00 GMT | 11.00 EST | 08.00 PST, contact the Forum Secretariat, Madeleine Boys at madeleine@gdf.io.

About Archax

Archax is the first ever digital securities exchange regulated by the FCA in London. Targeted at institutions, Archax also has its FCA brokerage, custody and cryptoasset permissions.

Founded by experts from traditional capital markets and backed by an accomplished advisory board, Archax offers a credible bridge between the blockchain world and the existing investment space. The Archax team is used to working in highly regulated markets and has a deep understanding of the blockchain landscape and tokenization too – as well as a vision of how to evolve them and open up digital assets to institutions in a transparent manner.

About Ownera

Ownera is a technology company delivering interoperability solutions to the world of tokenized assets. The company led the creation of the open peer-to-peer protocol called FinP2P and delivers FinP2P based network routers and digital securities solutions to the regulated financial services industry. Ownera’s FinP2P routers enable global distribution and liquidity by connecting tokenized assets distributed by sell-side institutions to buy-side demand. The routers facilitate the negotiation and settlement of transactions between the counterparties and their various regulated service providers including custodians, brokers, transfer agents, digital cash providers and lenders.

Ownera completed its Series A investment round in 2022 and its strategic investors include J.P. Morgan, U.S. Bancorp, LRC Group, Draper Goren Holm, tokentus Investment AG, Accomplice Blockchain, Polymorphic Capital, The Ropart Group and Archax.

For more information, go to www.ownera.io

About GDF

Global Digital Finance (GDF) is a global non-profit association of member firms offering an open innovation platform for advocating and accelerating the adoption of best practices for digital assets.

GDF’s mission is to “To promote and underpin the greater adoption of market standards for the use of crypto and digital assets, through the development of best practices and governance standards in a shared engagement forum with industry, policymakers, and regulators.”

For more information about GDF and the collaboration with DAW contact: madeleine@gdf.io

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