HPChain is Revving Up the Web3 GPU DePIN Ecosystem With “Mine-Share-as-a-Service”

HPChain is Revving Up the Web3 GPU DePIN Ecosystem With “Mine-Share-as-a-Service”
HPChain is Revving Up the Web3 GPU DePIN Ecosystem With “Mine-Share-as-a-Service”

Dive into the future with HPChain, the trailblazer in GPU rental services. As a leading provider in the industry, HPChain is dedicated to deliver unparalleled performance at a minimal cost to support the growth of digital creation in Gaming and AI, while empowering the community to participate and potentially profit from these technological advancements.

Beyond merely offering Cloud GPU services, the HPChain ecosystem aims to foster an environment where minds converge and share in the wealth of resources available through the “Mine-Share-as-a-Service” model that is made decentralized by the “Proof of Compute” consensus algorithm.

HPChain’s “Mine-Share-as-a-Service”

“Mine-Share as a Service” is a term coined by HPChain which epitomizes their vision for the Web3 GPU DePIN ecosystem. It embodies the core ethos of the ecosystem – a collective endeavor where resources, from GPU power to intellectual capital, are shared for the benefit of all.

From the profound insights of professional experts, like AI datasets and algorithms to the rich intellectual property of gaming studios, the active engagement of the general community and keen individuals, everyone in the HPChain ecosystem can contribute value to drive adoption forward. This is how it reflects through the business flywheel –

Proof of Compute

“Proof of Compute” is the methodology for quantifying and validating the GPU power contributed and used within the HPChain ecosystem. As the foundational pillar of the HPChain network, it establishes a standardized framework for assessing the computational capabilities provided by GPUs. Through this verification method, the potency and reliability of GPU resources are accurately measured, ensuring transparency and efficiency in resource allocation.

By anchoring the HPChain ecosystem on Proof of Compute, the network cultivates a dynamic environment where the provision and utilization of GPU power are seamlessly integrated, driving the innovation and growth of our platform.

Here is how HPChain uses “Proof of Compute” to decentralize and secure their DePIN platform:

Node Onboarding: Each contributor to the HPChain GPU supply, such as computing power providers and on-chain validators, are collectively referred to as nodes.

GPU Power Provisioning: The system calculates a device’s computational power size in P units based on its computing power and location. GPU power providers stake HPChain tokens according to their computational power, while the validator nodes ensure the GPU power provided is proper and that the applications are running smoothly.

To learn more about HPChain platform’s core technology, users can refer here.

HPChain is making steady progress in developing the HPChain ecosystem and preparing for the launch of HPC token, with focus on community engagement. Be the first to catch the wave of updates, breakthroughs, and community shout-outs.

About HPChain

HPChain is building a decentralized high-computing network on the blockchain. HPChain is solving the GPU supply challenges using their cost-effective, decentralized network powered by DePIN Web3 Protocol, empowering AI and cloud gaming developers globally.

Users can join the HPChain Community on:

Website | Twitter | Telegram | Farcaster | LinkedIn | Medium | YouTube

Users can join HPChain’s whitelist to be part of HPChain’s early bird community and get exclusive access through Soquest and Galxe.

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