Introducing Polygon Village 2.0

Building a startup is hard. Building one in Web3 is even harder.

Introducing Polygon Village 2.0
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Polygon Village has relaunched with a newly-created grant program of more than 110M MATIC to help founders successfully grow in the Polygon ecosystem. But Polygon Village is more than grants, with an all-encompassing and unified program that includes strategic support, mentorship, co-working spaces, thought-starter plans, and introductions to VCs.

This year, Polygon Labs traveled the world to meet developers and builders and listen to their needs as part of the DevX Global Tour. Along with the community, Polygon 2.0 was launched as a blueprint for infinitely scalable ZK-powered Layer 2s with unified liquidity.

Polygon Village is reimagined with the direct input and feedback of developers, becoming a home for founders of all levels to start building, learn, connect, get funded, get mentored, scale, and grow exponentially.

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There are three main components to Polygon Village.

Village Grants

The community grant program will be available for all projects, at any stage of development and of any type, whether DeFi (with bigger plans – stay tuned), app chains, gaming, infra, social, or any other. The program is funded with more than 110 million in MATIC. These grants will be carried out in many ways:

  • Direct grants from Polygon Foundation mainly for later stage projects, up to two million MATIC per grant
  • Quadratic funding grants mainly for early stage projects. Two quadratic funding grants open today with more to be unlocked soon. Learn more here

Village Build Ideas

Teams looking for inspiration can browse a series of high value ideas developed within Polygon Labs and with ecosystem participants. In addition to the Village grants, 1:1 mentoring and support will be available to teams who select from a catalog of pre-prepared ideas that could become fully realized projects. Learn more here.

Village Startup Support

Polygon Village is not just about grants. Founders can participate in a tailored support program featuring immersive guidance, strategic support, 1:1 mentorship, access to an elite network and support from solution providers in the Polygon ecosystem.

Founders can browse and apply for vouchers to receive material discounts on fees for a myriad of different services and benefits, offered by some of Polygon ecosystem’s top solution providers. Categories include: security and smart contract audits, storage solutions, compute solutions; Web3 infra like oracles, APIs, RPCs; tooling for DeFi, NFT, DAOs; and more. Request vouchers here.

Founders at any stage can connect with top-tier mentors and gurus from across Web3: tech experts, VCs, other founders, BD and marketing strategists, leaders at Polygon Labs, community champions, and more. Learn more here.  

Polygon Village also features Village Builder Houses (currently in New York and Lisbon) that provide IRL spaces for in-depth guidance, resources, networking, and exposure. Find a Village Builder House here.

Tune into the blog and our social channels to keep up with updates about the Polygon ecosystem.

Together, we can build an equitable future for all through the mass adoption of Web3!

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