KardiaChain Enhances its Infrastructure and Security Protocols by Partnering with Google Cloud

KardiaChain's recent strategic partnership with Google Cloud is part of its efforts to provide a more reliable, secure, cost-effective, and efficient blockchain ecosystem for its customers. The ease of setup and flexible infrastructure of Google Cloud aligned well with KardiaChain's strategic and ecosystem development perspective. The smooth transition using cloud migration tools reduced migration downtime by more than fourfold.

Blockchain challenges: security and downtime

Blockchain technology is facing challenges related to security and downtime, which can have severe consequences for users and businesses. 2022 recorded $3.8 billion worth of cryptocurrency stolen from various services, increasing from $3.3 billion in 2021. The security breaches in the blockchain industry lead to a need for improved security measures and protocols.

KardiaChain has seen a surge in its platform's statistics, with over 650,000 users and average 68,000+ transactions per day. As the platform rapidly expands and launches new projects - such as its latest solution, Kyokai - there is a pressing need for a scalable infrastructure that can handle high levels of traffic and avoid security breaches to protect its users. KardiaChain's partnership with Google Cloud has enabled KardiaChain to scale up its operations, enhance the user experience, and maintain a high level of reliability for its blockchain ecosystem.

"At KardiaChain, we understand the importance of a reliable and secure platform to ensure the trust and confidence of our users. That's why we have made significant investments in our infrastructure, security protocols, and downtime reduction. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and technology to address these challenges and provide the best possible user experience." said Tri Pham, Co-founder of KardiaChain.

Strategic partnership with Google Cloud

The importance of availability and security in the blockchain infrastructure world cannot be overstated. KardiaChain's achievement of near-100% uptime in a public blockchain environment, thanks to the use of Google Kubernetes Engine autopilot mode and Cloud Load Balancing and Cloud Armor to mitigate security risks such as DDoS attacks, is a testament to the confidence KardiaChain has in Google Cloud.

With Google Cloud's solutions, KardiaChain can focus on product development while Google manages its cluster configuration, including nodes, scaling, and security. KardiaChain is also leveraging public data captured in blockchain and related data to build up its data analytics capabilities. Collecting and analyzing that data could deliver a lot of value to KardiaChain, supporting its growth plans. Onboarding new customers to its blockchain network quickly and efficiently is also key to KardiaChain's growth plans.

Enhance the foundation for a phygital expansion

KardiaChain is driving digital innovation and promoting blockchain technology adoption in Southeast Asia. The company is working with the Vietnamese Government to incorporate the metaverse into its digital transformation strategy with the support of blockchain and Google Cloud technologies. KardiaChain's position as a key enabler of convergence between the online and offline worlds in Southeast Asia reinforces its commitment to driving digital innovation and promoting blockchain technology adoption in the region.

Enhancing the power of KardiaChain's blockchain infrastructure has enabled the company to explore new opportunities, expand its projects, reach new customer segments, and strengthen its ecosystem. With a resilient and scalable infrastructure in place, KardiaChain can now focus on building a blockchain built-in solution that enables builders and users to drive blockchain adoption at scale, while also leveraging data analytics capabilities to deliver more value to its customers.

With the partnership with Google Cloud, KardiaChain continues to drive digital innovation and promote blockchain technology adoption in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

About KardiaChain: KardiaChain is the world's first blockchain built-in solution for a phygital (physical-digital) future. Global mass adoption is Kardiachain's ultimate goal. The platform provides hybrid blockchain solutions for governments and enterprises in the region towards the blockchain mass adoption, creating the phygital world for millions.

Since the establishment in 2018, Kardiachain has remained the leading decentralized interoperable blockchain infrastructure in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In 2020, KardiaChain has completed the development of its mainnet and introduced the infrastructure native KAI token to the community. KardiaChain continues to innovate and contribute to the blockchain industry through its unique Dual-node feature, addressing the fragmentation of blockchain ecosystems and enables the communication between public or private blockchains regardless of protocols. End of 2022, KardiaChain launched its flagship innovation, Kyokai, a blockchain-based bridging solution to transcend the boundaries between physical and digital world. Kyokai marks the evolution of the initial KardiaChain's vision in an elaborated long-term 10-year development plan towards blockchain mass adoption.

Find more at kardiachain.io or twitter.com/KardiaChain, t.me/kardiachain

Media contact: Emma Tran, pr@kardiachain.io

SOURCE: KardiaChain

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