LAKE (LAK3) to Showcase Blockchain and RWA Solutions for Global Water Economy at London Blockchain Conference

LAKE (LAK3) to Showcase Blockchain and RWA Solutions for Global Water Economy at London Blockchain Conference
LAKE (LAK3) to Showcase Blockchain and RWA Solutions for Global Water Economy at London Blockchain Conference

LAKE (LAK3), a pioneering Web3 ecosystem dedicated to transforming the global water economy through blockchain technology, Real World Assets (RWA) and the LAK3 token, is excited to announce its participation and sponsorship of the London Blockchain Conference, taking place from May 21 to 23. Ahad Ali, LAKE’s Director of Communications, will be a featured speaker at the event, highlighting the role of blockchain and RWA in the future of water.

The London Blockchain Conference is renowned for gathering the brightest minds in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and technological developments to explore the future of these transformative technologies. LAKE’s participation underscores its commitment to integrating blockchain and RWA solutions for water accessibility on a global scale.

Ahad Ali to Address Global Water Challenges

During the conference, Ahad Ali will deliver a keynote presentation on the innovative use of blockchain and RWA to address global water challenges on May 21 at 1:35pm on the Spotlight Stage. His talk will focus on how LAKE (LAK3) leverages blockchain and RWA to turn people into active participants in the water economy, ensuring transparency, efficiency, and equity in water management.

Experience LAKE’s Water of Web3 Firsthand

The LAKE team is thrilled to meet attendees and share insights about their groundbreaking project. Conference participants are invited to visit LAKE’s booth to experience the water directly sourced from our partner, Sembrancher, exemplifying the quality and sustainability of our resources. This unique tasting experience will highlight the tangible benefits of LAKE’s blockchain and RWA-based water solutions.

Engage with LAKE at the Conference

Attendees of the London Blockchain Conference are encouraged to visit LAKE’s booth located at E12, where they can meet the team, learn more about the project, and discover how LAKE is paving the way for the future of water. The team will also be available to discuss potential partnerships and collaborations.

Participating in the London Blockchain Conference is a tremendous opportunity for LAKE to share our vision and developments with the global community,” said Jean-Hugues Gavarini, CEO and co-founder. “We are at a crucial juncture where technology, especially blockchain and RWA, has the potential to dramatically improve how we manage and sustain our water resources. We look forward to engaging with other industry leaders and innovators to discuss how we can collectively address one of the most pressing issues of our time – water scarcity.”

About LAKE

LAKE is an innovative Web3 ecosystem facilitating a fair and decentralized access to water worldwide. This is the first project to bring a clear, transparent and decentralized ecosystem changing the way we interact with water, from purchasing, warehousing, to distributing, consuming and even donating it. With a mission to connect millions to Web3, LAKE sparks transformative change in how we perceive and manage this increasingly scarce vital resource.

Users can learn more about LAKE (LAK3) at and of their participation in London Blockchain Conference at

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