Leading AI Projects Choose Filecoin to Advance AI, Marking the Network's Leading Role as DePIN Backbone for AI

Network announcements include collaborations with SingularityNET, Theoriq, Bagel, and Nuklai

Leading AI Projects Choose Filecoin to Advance AI, Marking the Network's Leading Role as DePIN Backbone for AI
Leading AI Projects Choose Filecoin to Advance AI, Marking the Network's Leading Role as DePIN Backbone for AI

Filecoin Foundation today announced collaborations with prominent AI organizations including SingularityNET, Theoriq, Bagel, and Nuklai. These collaborations, highlighted on stage at FIL Brussels alongside EthCC, underscore the Filecoin network's pivotal role as the DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network) backbone for advancements in AI.

The AI industry is facing a critical juncture as more organizations shift toward closed and opaque training models, raising concerns about power concentration, creating information silos and centralized control that expose data to vulnerabilities. The lack of transparency in these systems obscures crucial aspects of AI development, including details on data sources and training methodologies.

The Filecoin network offers an alternative to centralized models by enabling decentralization and transparency, addressing the pressing need for open AI systems and promoting the resilience of digital infrastructure.

The latest announcements from the ecosystem highlight the diverse applications of Filecoin for AI. From decentralized storage integrations to open humanities datasets to make Filecoin data more accessible and usable, and comprehensive solutions for storing and processing machine learning (ML) workloads, Filecoin has emerged as the DePIN primitive for the AI wave.

Secure Data Provenance and Verifiable Model Training
SingularityNET, a leading AI platform developer, and Filecoin Foundation are collaborating to store SingularityNET metadata on the Filecoin network via Lighthouse, a data onboarding solution. This collaboration will also integrate the Filecoin tech stack to support archival data needs, enhancing the robustness and security of decentralized data storage. Additionally, the two groups are exploring the formation of an AI Ethics Working Group to encourage responsible sourcing and handling of data in a decentralized AI context. Read the SingularityNET announcement.

Unlocking the Potential of Open Data Stored on Filecoin with AI Agents
Theoriq, an AI base layer platform, and Filecoin Foundation are developing a series of AI agents trained on data from the Filecoin network, making open data more accessible and usable. Currently, a Filecoin AI agent trained on the Filecoin docs and GitHub repositories is available for testing. This agent allows users to get answers through natural language queries on how to build on Filecoin, troubleshoot common issues, getting started as a storage provider, and more.

Additionally, FF and Theoriq are exploring an AI agent leveraging 25 years of declassified CIA datasets from MuckRock that are stored on Filecoin, enabling efficient and verifiable research of one million documents. Read the Theoriq announcement.

Cost-Effective and Efficient Decentralized AI Infrastructure
Bagel, an AI and cryptography research lab, and Filecoin Foundation are collaborating to enable AI developers to train and store their models using the compute and storage power of the Filecoin network. With Bagel's decentralized compute network aggregator, Filecoin storage providers will be able to utilize both storage and computational resources, increasing revenue, optimizing compute resource utilization, and accelerating adoption by offering a comprehensive solution for ML workloads. Read the Bagel announcement.

Accelerating and Securing Access to AI Data
Nuklai, a collaborative data marketplace and infrastructure provider for data ecosystems, has integrated Filecoin through Lighthouse to make Nuklai's metadata publicly accessible. Nuklai plans to support secure data uploads to the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) in the future and is exploring integrating Filecoin as a data storage cluster within its Layer 1 network for enterprise and other use cases, providing a perpetual and decentralized data storage model. Read the Nuklai announcement.

"For a more decentralized, open, and transparent AI-driven industry, we need data storage and compute solutions that work for businesses, while providing greater transparency and trust around the tech products transforming our lives," said Danny O'Brien, Senior Fellow, Filecoin Foundation. "We're thrilled to work with leading projects in this space to make decentralized storage on Filecoin the backbone of the AI wave."

Also on stage at FIL Brussels and during EthCC, Filecoin ecosystem teams made announcements enriching the tooling and data onboarding solutions available on the network.

Qamcom DDS and DeStor Partner to Enhance Data Privacy and Security
Qamcom DDS and DeStor announced a partnership to provide enhanced security, robustness, and petabyte-scale storage services on the Filecoin network. The partnership has secured two clients, including Swedish startups YayPal, a Web3 gaming studio with over 500,000 users for its flagship game Yay Ride, and Fieldstream, an AI marketing analytics platform. DeStor's platform offers verifiable storage solutions that ensure data integrity and availability through daily data verification. And the partnership with Qamcom DDS allows clients to store extensive data securely and efficiently, ensuring confidentiality and protection. Read DeStor's announcement.

Fileverse launches dDocs, a private, peer-to-peer, onchain alternative for real-time collaboration
Fileverse launched a decentralized docs app, providing a privacy-enhancing alternative to one of the most used apps on the Internet: Google Docs. With end-to-end encryption by design, is a decentralized docs app that ensures that user data remains accessible only by the document owner and those with whom they choose to share it. This encryption approach is also maintained during real-time collaboration. Unlike other platforms, does not store any data on centralized servers. Instead, documents and drafts are stored via peer-to-peer networks like IPFS. Read Fileverse's announcement.

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