Metasphere Labs Inc. Finalizes Strategic Partnership with Bot Ventures Inc. to Lead in Bitcoin-Based Decentralized Identity Solutions

Metasphere Labs Inc. Finalizes Strategic Partnership with Bot Ventures Inc. to Lead in Bitcoin-Based Decentralized Identity Solutions
Metasphere Labs Inc. Finalizes Strategic Partnership with Bot Ventures Inc. to Lead in Bitcoin-Based Decentralized Identity Solutions

Metasphere Labs Inc. ("Metasphere" or the "Company") (Cboe Canada: LABZ) (OTC: LABZF) (FRA: H1N) is excited to announce a definitive agreement with Bot Ventures Inc. (“Bot Ventures”), an innovator in the identity, naming, and verification space (the “Agreement”). This partnership marks a significant development, of both companies, in a decentralized domain platform (the “Platform”) for domain protocols that operate on the Bitcoin blockchain.

In consideration for the development services provided, Bot Ventures shall pay a royalty of 20% of all gross sales revenue generated from the Platform, capped at at a maximum total payment of $1,000,000 USD (the “Royalty”). It’s important to note that this Royalty does not apply to sales of any other products or services associated with the platform being developed by the Company. Given that the compensation for services is contingent on Bot Ventures’ ability to generate revenue from the platform, there can be no assurance that the Company will earn any Royalty from this arrangement.

Bot Ventures, the owner of, is setting industry benchmarks as the foremost chatbot verification service, well ahead of sophisticated AI technologies like ChatGPT. Their proactive vision has consistently anticipated the crucial need for digital identity verification in a world populated by artificial agents.

"Our partnership with Bot Ventures marks a milestone in our quest to revolutionize digital identities," stated Natasha Ingram, CEO of Metasphere. "By combining their extensive experience with our cutting-edge technology, we are poised to significantly enhance online security and trust, utilizing Bitcoin’s robust infrastructure. Additionally, our Agreement includes royalties for Metasphere, which underscores the value and innovation we bring to this partnership."

This strategic alliance will merge Metasphere's advanced development skills with Bot Ventures' operational excellence, creating a comprehensive platform and verification system for decentralized Bitcoin-based identity systems. This initiative includes integrating the Spaces Protocol and Sat Names, along with plans to incorporate MicroStrategy’s DID:BTC initiative, thus creating a versatile platform for digital identity management.

Integration with DEFI.GOLD Network

Metasphere will further enhance this initiative by integrating Bot Ventures' platform with the upcoming DEFI.GOLD NFT protocol. This integration will facilitate the development of future Bitcoin-based identity protocols using technologies such as RGB and Taproot assets, as well as Ordinals and similar inscriptions. The goal is to provide a robust and adaptable framework for digital identity verification, expanding the utility and reach of decentralized solutions across Bitcoin’s Web3 landscape.

Learn More at Our Upcoming Seminar

For those interested in understanding how these technologies will transform society and their impact on Internet consumers, Metasphere invites you to join our seminar on DeFi on Bitcoin. This event will cover the broader topic of decentralized applications on Bitcoin and their potential societal impacts. To participate, please access the seminar at

Metasphere remains dedicated to its broader mission of redefining decentralized applications and driving global Web3 adoption through Bitcoin’s unparalleled capabilities, distinguishing itself from traditional Ethereum Virtual Machine-based networks.

This Agreement with Bot Ventures underscores Metasphere's commitment to innovation and leadership in the digital identity sector, setting new standards for security and decentralization.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Metasphere Labs develops metaverse environments, DAO solutions, gamification, and Web3/blockchain monetization strategies aimed at addressing social coordination challenges related to climate action and generating a positive planetary impact.


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