NetMind.ai Launches Free BETA for Decentralized AI Model Training Platform

NetMind.ai Launches Free BETA for Decentralized AI Model Training Platform
NetMind.ai Launches Free BETA for Decentralized AI Model Training Platform
NetMind.ai goes live with the BETA of its Machine Learning platform, NetMind Power

Amid soaring demand for high-performance computing and increasing concerns around centralization in AI, high costs and data privacy, NetMind.ai introduces the free Beta version of its Machine Learning platform, NetMind Power, which has now officially launched.

NetMind Power is a decentralized AI platform that allows machine learning experts, researchers and software developers to train, fine-tune and inference deep learning models. The platform is built around the concept of Volunteer Computing - a globally distributed network of user contributed GPUs, connected on the blockchain to provide a decentralized computing power network.

On the platform itself, users can train their own proprietary models through the UI and this feature is available to use for free during the Beta period. Users will also be able to fine-tune existing models (such as Meta's Llama2) with their own datasets in a no-code way by simply uploading their own dataset, with the training distribution handled by NetMind.

In the future, the platform will expand to offer the ability to host trained and fine-tuned models for inference, and to publish models on the NetMind Power marketplace, offering users the ability to monetize their models.

Users who have spare or idle GPU capacity can connect their machines to the network to earn rewards in the form of NMT, the platform's native utility token. NMT will be used to pay for training and inference on the platform, as well as a means of compensating providers of computing power. The waitlist is now open, and users are invited to register their interest in providing computing power to the network. Early adopters will earn outsized rewards during this limited period.

Overall, NetMind Power brings real-world utility to blockchain, providing a platform tailored for Machine Learning and AI experts, researchers, software developers and blockchain enthusiasts. For more information on NetMind.ai, or to sign up for a free account, visit power.NetMind.ai.

SOURCE NetMind.ai

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