Orbs Liquidity Hub Launches on Fenix Finance to Transform Blast Liquidity

Orbs Liquidity Hub Launches on Fenix Finance to Transform Blast Liquidity
Orbs Liquidity Hub Launches on Fenix Finance to Transform Blast Liquidity

Layer 3 blockchain Orbs has announced the launch of its liquidity hub on Fenix Finance. Its deployment will deepen available liquidity on the Blast DEX and deliver greater capital efficiency for users of the L2.

Orbs Liquidity Hub operates as a layer that sits atop the Fenix Finance DEX. It draws in additional liquidity sources that enable Fenix users to obtain the best possible pricing. This reduces slippage and allows users to extract more value from every trade they place.

Designed to solve the problem of fragmented DeFi liquidity, Orbs’ solution also delivers reduced transaction fees, protection against Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), and gas-free transaction executions. Liquidity Hub integrates with the existing Fenix DEX interface, maintaining the user experience that traders are accustomed to.

The integration of Orbs Liquidity Hub into Fenix marks its fifth deployment with DEXs operating on EVM networks and is a first for Blast. By merging liquidity from both on- and off-chain sources, Liquidity Hub delivers an enhanced trading experience without introducing custodial risk.

If Orbs’ liquidity layer cannot execute the trade at a better price than the AMM, the transaction reverts to the AMM contract and executes as usual. This guarantees that trades will be executed at the best possible rate every time and frees traders from having to manually select their preferred liquidity route.

The introduction of Liquidity Hub to Fenix follows the completion of a $300,000 seed investment round for Fenix Finance led by Orbs. This funding, coupled with the deployment of Liquidity Hub, will support Fenix’s goal of delivering the most capital efficient trading experience on Blast.

More than 5,000 users have begun trading on Fenix since its Open Beta commenced two months ago. During this time, it has generated over $150M in volume and grown its share of the DEX market. With Orbs Liquidity Hub now deployed, Fenix is optimally positioned to roll out new products that will help to establish it as the preeminent protocol for Blast token trading and liquidity provision.

About Orbs

Orbs is a decentralized Layer-3 (L3) blockchain infrastructure designed specifically for advanced on-chain trading. Orbs optimizes trading with aggregated liquidity, advanced trading orders, and on-chain derivatives. Orbs enhances the capabilities of both EVM and non-EVM smart contracts without moving liquidity onto a new chain. This one of a kind setup acts as a decentralized backend that brings CeFi-level execution to DeFi trading.

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About Fenix Finance

Fenix is a unified trading and liquidity marketplace for Blast. Its next-generation decentralized exchange provides a technologically advanced and capital efficient trading and liquidity marketplace. Designed to provide superior UX and deeper liquidity, Fenix plays a pivotal role in catalyzing economic growth on Blast.

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