Portals, The Protocol Aggregator Simplifying DeFi, Launches API Upgrade ‘PYXIS’ For Developers

Portals, The Protocol Aggregator Simplifying DeFi, Launches API Upgrade ‘PYXIS’ For Developers

Following a successful Seed Extension fund raise in October, Portals, the DeFi protocol aggregator simplifying Web3 by consolidating DeFi actions, has launched a significant upgrade of its developer API, providing builders with a comprehensive suite of tools and data to supercharge their projects.

The Portals API currently powers some of Web3’s best DeFi applications, including XDEFI, Yearn, Stake DAO, Mean finance, PoolTogether, and hundreds of anonymous builders taking advantage of the API’s user-friendly integration. Projects gain immediate access to Volume & Liquidity Data, Asset Prices, APYs, Token Images, Contract and Pool Addresses, Token Names and Symbols, and Account Balances, all indexed from over 150 protocols across 9 networks and updated with every block.

The Pyxis upgrade promises to reduce the overhead and costs associated with compiling DeFi data while delivering significant new metrics to API users, such as trading volume, volatility, historical data to calculate cost basis, Profit & Loss, and more, for all 35,000+ tokens and the countless vaults, pools, LPs, and lending positions supported on the Portals platform. In addition to expanded metrics, the Pyxis update delivers a vastly improved user experience for builders, providing a simple and intuitive way for developers to create apps, monitor their usage, and track their revenue. Combining powerful functionality with a simple user interface, integration of an extensive collection of Web3 data is now only one click away for any aspiring project.

Portals co-founder Suhail Gangji emphasized the weight of the Pyxis upgrade milestone, saying:

“DeFi can be tough to navigate, both for users and builders alike. I have full faith that what we built with Pyxis is not only the evolution of the Portals developer API but also the start of more streamlined DeFi space. In only a few lines of code, projects can benefit from integrating intent-based infrastructure, Account Abstraction capabilities, the elimination of complex multistep orders, and the ability to complete transactions gaslessly. All this, with the flexibility options they need to keep users on their platform.”

The Pyxis upgrade provides developers with:

  • A single, unified API for data, swaps, and zaps, that allows projects to condense multi-step DeFi transactions into a single API request.
  • Seamless integration of Intent-driven transactions through Account Abstraction, enabling flexible transaction pathways and gasless transactions.
  • API Data, to ensure the efficacy of your implementation of Portals functionalities.
  • Three flexible service plans catering to all projects, no matter their size or stage.

About Portals

Portals is a platform that simplifies Web3 by enabling anyone to easily bundle complex DeFi actions. It was founded by Suhail Gangji, who previously co-founded Zapper, and Nabi Ozberkman, who has extensive experience in DeFi as part of the OlympusDAO team.

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