TFS Token Launches a New Liquidity Staking Feature

TFS Token Launches a New Liquidity Staking Feature
TFS Token Launches a New Liquidity Staking Feature

Last year, the Fairspin platform launched two associated loyalty programs: Play To Earn and Hold To Earn. Within the first one, it is possible to receive TFS tokens as a rakeback; using the second one, it is possible to increase them thanks to the holding without any risks.

Both programs have already shown outstanding results. Since its launch, $726,234 and $1,759 091,86 were paid to players in frames of the Play To Earn and Hold To Earn respectively.

TFS Token team is pleased to announce another beneficial way to get additional income for TFS holders – the liquidity staking program.

What is liquidity staking?

Tokens and money, staked in such a program, will be used to increase liquidity on the PancakeSwap in the TFS-USDT pool. This will help improve the liquidity of the TFS token, thus strengthening its position on the market.

The Liquidity Staking option is available on the Staking Programs page on the Fairspin website.

Unlike the already existing staking programs, liquidity staking is permanent, which means if a user chooses this option, staking will continue until the option is not stopped by the user.

At the same time, the reward from the liquidity staking can be withdrawn at any time upon the user’s request. There is no obligatory minimum staking time to withdraw the reward as well as there are no limits on the number of withdrawing requests.

How the reward is calculated

The amount of reward depends on the GGR of Fairspin casino and the number of tokens in the staking pool and the user’s multiplier.

The user’s multiplier depends on the length of your stake in days.

Calculation formula:

  • from 0 to 1 day multiplier *0.3
  • from 7 to 30 days multiplier *0.6
  • 30 to ∞ days multiplier *1

The reward, in the end, will be equal to % of the GGR of the Fairspin casino multiplied by the user’s share in the pool and multiplied by the time multiplier. If a user stakes tokens for 1 month and more, he will have the maximum benefit – a share of 0.5% of GGR.

The request to stop liquidity staking can be made at any time. A user can request to withdraw the full sum or a part of it. The tokens will be sent to a user’s account immediately.

In case a user makes a request to withdraw a part of tokens from the Liquidity Staking, the reward multiplier for the rest of the tokens in Liquidity Staking will go back to the initial level.

About TFS Token

The TFS token is the driving force behind Fairspin, one of the leading global blockchain casinos, that ushers in a new era of trust and transparency in online gambling.

Built upon ERC-20/BEP-20 technology, the TFS token ensures immutable betting data, empowering players with complete access to their gaming history and rewards. With a limited supply and a focus on user rewards, the token introduces groundbreaking Play to Earn and Hold to Earn features, rewarding players for their engagement.

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the TFS token stands at the forefront, revolutionizing the way players interact with online casinos and shaping the future of fair gaming.

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