The ChainGuardians Team Announces Its Cryptoverse LAND Sale On Binance NFT Marketplace and Galler

The ChainGuardians Team Announces Its Cryptoverse LAND Sale On Binance NFT Marketplace and Galler
The ChainGuardians Team Announces Its Cryptoverse LAND Sale On Binance NFT Marketplace and Galler

The team behind the popular player-driven play-to-earn RPG game ChainGuardians is excited to announce the Cryptoverse LAND sale on Binance NFT launchpad and Galler, the exclusive DEX partner of Binance NFT.

The Cryptoverse, a 3D virtual world built on Unreal Engine 5, establishes a world where the values of businesses and players align in a unique metaverse setting. Moreover, the LAND plots in Cryptoverse, which are in very high demand, will make their way to the Binance NFT Marketplace starting on March 22nd, 2022.

LAND is an ERC-721 NFT representing property ownership in the Cryptoverse. The team opts for minting Single Parcels on Polygon and Estates on Ethereum. Cross-chain exploration will prove beneficial for early supporters, as they can avoid high transaction fees. Additionally, the choice to mint Estates on Ethereum provides scalability and security.

The purpose of LAND in the Cryptoverse is to represent scarce digital real estate within this Metaverse. Owning a LAND plot allows holders to build, monetize, and customize their in-game experience with the help of various tools. Furthermore, anyone can use these tools regardless of skill level, bringing unprecedented personalization options to the Cryptoverse and its users.

The Cryptoverse Co-founder Robbie Cochrane comments:

“Cryptoverse is delighted to be conducting a portion of our metaverse LAND sales on Binance NFT and Galler, Binance’s DEX partner for NFTs. Binance is a household name within the industry and we’re extremely excited to include their exceptional community into our NFT LAND sales.”

As LAND is a scarce asset, acquiring it early on is essential.

Become a builder of the Cryptoverse today and be a part of the Metaverse of Everything!

Participating in the LAND sale on Binance NFT and Galler Marketplace can be done as follows:

Payments accepted: BUSD

Date: March 22, 2022 | 3 PM UTC

KYC required

Estates Available on Binance NFT

Small (80) — $5,200.00

Single (2,500) — $180.00

Estates Available on Galler

Small (20) — $5,200.00

Single (500) — $180.00

There is a special promotion for Cryptoverse LAND NFT traders between 2022-03-22 11:00 (UTC) to 2022-03-28 11:00 (UTC), as 90 exclusive Binancio Kyubu NFTs and 50 exclusive Galler Kyubu NFTs will be up for grabs. The Kyubu NFT is a 3D asset in the Cryptoverse and can be redeemed for a physical gift set and in-metaverse toy asset.

Users who acquire LAND from both NFT Marketplaces have no restrictions on purchase. However, on Binance Marketplace they will need a valid account that is KYC-verified. Additionally, it is essential to visit the Cryptoverse landing page to select your desired LAND size and purchase it accordingly. Afterward, users receive an NFT voucher which needs to be transferred to a Web3 wallet address on BNB Chain via WalletConnect by May 1, 2022.

Eight islands make up the Cryptoverse archipelago. Every island represents a different Zone and features unique aesthetics. Players can customize each Zone to their liking. Builders can leverage the Dual Architecture SDKs to implement animations and effects without worrying about writing code.

About The Cryptoverse

The Cryptoverse is a 3D virtual world that is built in Unreal Engine 5, one of the top game engines available on the market. Within The Cryptoverse, users can maintain provable ownership of their virtual space, also known as LAND, represented as an ERC-721 token or Non-Fungible Token (NFT). Ownership of users’ NFTs will be manifested through the Ethereum blockchain, and will include advanced concepts such as NFT sharding and combination. The Cryptoverse is a social phenomenon foremost, offering players a chance to join new social circles in the Metaverse and acquire reputation within this exciting new world.


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