Tokinvest Appoints Advisory Board to Propel Global Real World Asset Tokenisation

Strengthening Expertise Across Technology, Marketing, Development, and Legal Compliance

 Tokinvest Appoints Advisory Board to Propel Global Real World Asset Tokenisation
 Tokinvest Appoints Advisory Board to Propel Global Real World Asset Tokenisation

Tokinvest, the leading scalable marketplace connecting real-world asset issuers with investors worldwide, today announces the formation of its new advisory board. This panel of industry titans will play a pivotal role in guiding Tokinvest’s strategic vision and enhancing its position at the forefront of the real-world asset (RWA) tokenisation industry.

Estimates by Boston Consulting Group1 indicate that the value of tokenised assets could reach 10% of global GDP by 2030, heralding an era of enhanced transparency, reduced transaction costs, and democratised access to high-value investments previously reserved for a select few. Tokinvest’s advanced platform was created to simplify the creation of virtual tokens representing rights to assets and provides comprehensive token lifecycle services from ideation to trading to asset servicing.

Introducing the Tokinvest Advisory Board

The new advisory board consists of six professionals with vast experience and expertise in finance, technology, legal compliance, and asset management. Their combined knowledge will support Tokinvest’s mission to create the leading marketplace that connects real-world asset issuers with investors on a global scale. The board members are:

Trent Barnes, General Partner at Primal Capital, brings extensive experience in blockchain technology and venture capital. He is a key figure in driving strategic investments and innovation at Primal Capital.

He says: "I'm excited to join Tokinvest's advisory board and contribute to their mission of democratising access to high-quality assets through innovative tokenisation solutions."

Michael Ourabah, CEO at BSO, is a visionary leader in the technology and infrastructure sector. As CEO of BSO, he has spearheaded award-winning network, cloud and hosting solutions for global businesses.

He says: "Tokinvest's platform is set to revolutionise how investors interact with real-world assets, and I am thrilled to support this groundbreaking journey."

Chris Stanford, a lawyer, director, and operations officer for over 20 years, has overseen some of the Middle East’s most high-profile and complex commercial and investment transactions. His expertise covers M&A, SWF, banking, commercial, capital markets, real estate, asset management and restructuring transactions.

He says: "Joining Tokinvest's advisory board presents an exciting opportunity to shape the future of asset tokenisation in the region within a secure and regulated framework.”

Professor Lisa Wilson is a multi-award-winning, globally recognised business leader, academic, educator, entrepreneur/inventor and thought leader focused on the fields of blockchain, emergent technologies, SMEs, ESG, cybersecurity, AI, climate and digital assets. Preeminent, Professor Wilson is credited with significantly influencing policy and innovation in these fields.

Professor Wilson says: “Tokinvest democratises access to regulated capital markets and investment opportunities. This critical economic change can only happen through the integration of groundbreaking innovation, sustainable investment practices and blockchain technology ecosystems, which is why I am honoured and excited to contribute to the vision and deployment of Tokinvest.”

Gabriella Kusz - is currently Global Convener for the International Standards Organization (ISO) covering AI and Financial Services and is a leader in global digital and financial sector transformation. Last year, she was named one of American Banker’s 20 Most Influential Women in Fintech.

She says: "The potential of Tokinvest to transform the real-world asset tokenisation landscape is immense, and I look forward to being part of this transformative journey."

Ralf Glabischnig, Founder of Inacta Ventures, is a pioneer in the blockchain and crypto space and has a track record of founding and scaling successful ventures, including Crypto Oasis and Crypto Valley.

He says: "Tokinvest is leading the charge in asset tokenisation, and I'm excited to offer my expertise to support their ambitious goals."

Scott Thiel, CEO of Tokinvest, adds: “Tokinvest is thrilled to welcome such a diverse and accomplished group of professionals to our advisory board. Their expertise and strategic guidance will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and grow our platform, providing unparalleled access to the most desirable assets for all investors.”

About Tokinvest

Tokinvest is a pioneering marketplace that connects real-world asset issuers with investors globally. Our advanced platform simplifies the investment process by creating virtual tokens representing rights to assets and providing comprehensive lifecycle services from ideation to trading to asset servicing. Headquartered in Dubai, we leverage the region’s favourable regulatory environment to offer all investors access to the most desirable assets.

1Source: Relevance of on-chain asset tokenization in ‘crypto winter’ - link

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