Wicrypt’s Mission For Internet Decentralization: The Developments So Far

Wicrypt’s Mission For Internet Decentralization: The Developments So Far
Wicrypt’s Mission For Internet Decentralization: The Developments So Far

Wicrypt is writing a new chapter on decentralising and democratising data sharing and internet distribution. By incentivizing the supply-side participants, Wicrypt seeks to break down the walls of centralized infrastructure and give everyone an equal opportunity to build a network that they can use or share with others and get rewarded in return.

Our Founder, Ugochukwu Aronu’s broader vision for Wicrypt, encompasses making last-mile internet connectivity a reality by expanding the Wicrypt network on a global scale. Ugo expects the number of devices on the Wicrypt network to grow by 100x in 2024 alone. Hear Ugo speak on his vision and ideas behind Wicrypt in this interview with Tech influencer Valor Reviews.

Here are the few milestones we achieved in April

  1. The China Angle: First batch of 200 Spider routers dispatched
  2. Successful Arbitrum integration on MEXC
  3. 100th Week updates: Reward distribution

The China Angle

Wicrypt is extending its hotspot-sharing network to China next. Wicrypt has reached a consensus with SDIC Group, the largest state-owned investment holding company in China to build an IoT data centre.

Wicrypt’s Chinese arm, Wicrypt China, has partnered with Onega Ventures and SDIC to purchase 5,000 Spider devices. Already, the first batch of 200 Spider devices has reached China.

Wicrypt is active in 34 countries now. It began its journey with Nigeria, reaching the far-flung corners and bringing the masses online. Wicrypt has been successful in bringing down the cost of the internet by 60% in Nigeria.

Successful Arbitrum Integration on MEXC

To lend greater liquidity to the $WNT token, Wicrypt is increasing liquidity on its Aribitrum pool. A portion of the liquidity will be transferred from Polygon to Arbitrum.

Along the same lines, they have completed the Wicrypt contract swap from Polygon to Arbitrum on the MEXC exchange in a 1:1 ratio. Arbitrum One will now be the default chain for Wicrypt transactions on the Mobile and Web App.

Users can make deposits, withdrawals, and swaps on Arbitrum One Chain from April 19th onwards. MEXC will no longer support token swaps of old $WNT tokens. Community members with $WNT on MEXC require no action, as MEXC will handle the migration internally.

$WNT Rewards at the 100th Week

Wicrypt celebrated the 100th week of reward distribution for internet sharing in April and had some great numbers to share. In its 100th week, Wicrypt distributed 27,007 $WNT tokens, this brings the distribution to 6,165,317 $WNT worth $2.06 million in total. 1,590 devices were active on the Wicrypt network up until the 100th week.

About Wicrypt

Wicrypt is a DePIN network for data sharing and last-mile internet connectivity. Any user interested in earning passive income via data sharing can join the network and earn in $WNT tokens. Any user wanting access to affordable internet can get on the network and get empowered.

Wicrypt spans 35 countries and 103 cities globally. It has already shared 1.37PB of data across 53,000 users and counting. Wicrypt is attempting to dismantle the monopolies in the data-sharing infrastructure and allow users to become supply-side participants and be incentivized.

Wicrypt allows you to resell data at your rates and mine $WNT tokens when any user connects to your router for data sharing.

Wicrypt is backed by the Peaq ecosystem and other major tech organisations and funded by N7Labs, Polygon and Chain Capital amongst others.

If you are eager to join the data-sharing and monetization network, you can purchase a Wicrypt hotspot hub on the website, mobile app, or Flutterwave store. Set up your hotspot hub and get started.

Source - Wicrypt

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