Dispersion Capital Launches $40M Fund For Decentralized Infrastructure

Backing early-stage infrastructure startups in web3, crypto, and blockchain.

Dispersion Capital Launches $40M Fund For Decentralized Infrastructure
Dispersion Capital Launches $40M Fund For Decentralized Infrastructure

Early-stage venture firm Dispersion Capital announced its $40 million fund to back foundational web3 infrastructure.

Dispersion Capital has already invested in 20 companies, with a majority receiving follow-on financing since Dispersion's investment.

Patrick Chang, Dispersion Capital’s founder and managing partner, is a seasoned VC with established web3 credentials. He previously led Samsung Next’s blockchain investments, evolving its web2 focus with defining investments into powerhouse web3 startups, including Dapper, Flow, and Alchemy.

Dispersion Capital’s fund has garnered support from web2 and web3 pioneers like Faction, Lightspeed, Wemade, Circle Ventures, Ripple, Alchemy Ventures, Hashkey, Cherubic Ventures, Forte, NGC, and individual GPs at top venture firms and infrastructure executives.

"Since 2021, thousands of talented developers have emerged in the web3 space, poised to build next-gen applications. However, their potential is limited by the immaturity of the infrastructure. Dispersion Capital aims to support the creation of robust and developed infrastructure beyond protocols and networks," said Patrick Chang, Dispersion Capital's founder. “This involves platforms and tools empowering developers to create groundbreaking applications, harnessing the true power of blockchain. Just as ChatGPT captured the imagination of AI, we aim to bring that transformative moment to blockchain."

“Patrick was an instrumental force in establishing Next’s presence as an investor in web3 and blockchain, leading our investments in Dapper Labs, Flow, Alchemy, and Forte, among others. His tenacity and conviction in the space guided us to make non-obvious choices as early-stage investors that continue to bolster our reputation in the market,” said Brendon Kim, MD and Head of Investments at Samsung Next. “After nearly a decade of working closely with Patrick and witnessing firsthand the passion and impact he brings to every project, we know he has a unique ability to spot the best and most ambitious founders before others and is well-positioned to scale the next generation of web3 infrastructure.”

About Dispersion Capital

Dispersion Capital is an early-stage venture firm for decentralized infrastructure. Our mission is to pioneer a multichain, multi-currency, and multi-platform world. We invest in foundational technologies for decentralized businesses, focusing on the tools for developers to deploy this reality. We focus on specific layers of web3, including fintech and gaming infrastructure, security, data, and platforms challenging legacy industries. Learn more at

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