Loxodrome x Crust Network: Revolutionizing DePIN with DeFi Synergies

Loxodrome x Crust Network: Revolutionizing DePIN with DeFi Synergies
Loxodrome x Crust Network: Revolutionizing DePIN with DeFi Synergies

Crust Network is proud to announce the partnership with Loxodrome. This alliance seeks to inject sophisticated DeFi functionalities into the realm of decentralized infrastructure, enhancing liquidity and participation across the board.

Loxodrome, a DePIN-focused liquidity layer on IoTeX, has adopted the ve(3,3) model to incentivize long-term commitment among liquidity providers. This model, inspired by the Solidly protocol and OlympusDAO’s 3v3 game, combines rewards for locking tokens with governance participation through its dual-token system of $LOXO and $veLOXO. Loxodrome’s unique approach involves a flywheel mechanism enhancing its growth through a dynamic balance of liquidity provision, trading volume, and external incentives, aiming to become a key DeFi hub for DePINs.

By integrating DeFi liquidity mechanisms with Crust Network’s decentralized storage capabilities, this collaboration enhances the operational efficiency and economic viability of physical infrastructure networks. The inclusion of CRU tokens in Loxodrome’s liquidity pools will allow for a more dynamic and responsive financing model for infrastructure projects.

The partnership is set to catalyze growth in the DePIN sector by attracting new investments and fostering a more active participant base. This strategic move not only increases the attractiveness of DePIN projects but also ensures a sustainable ecosystem through enhanced liquidity and stakeholder engagement.

This collaboration boosts our mission to bridge the gap between DeFi and DePIN, unlocking new possibilities for both sectors.

Stay tuned for more exciting developments and updates!

About Loxodrome

Loxodrome is the ultimate liquidity hub for innovative DePIN projects, building next-gen ve(3,3) DEX on IoTeX.

Website | Docs | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

About Crust

Crust is developing a decentralized cloud storage network that utilizes blockchain technology to provide secure, efficient, and scalable data storage solutions.
Crust aims to be the data layer infrastructure, focusing on three key areas: Data Storage, Data Availability, and Data Intelligence.

Website | Wiki | GitHub | Medium | Discord | Telegram

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